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Hi, I’m Leanne!

Color, Light & Flow State expert
I create all of my international award-winning paintings in Flow State by using Color as a catalyst – it’s what I call my Creative Flow Process.

And I channel all of this creative energy into my life and successful international business.

For the last several years, I’ve been sharing my Creative Flow Process with others – I’ve taught hundreds of people how to use Color to tap into these blissful states of Flow for:

  • physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • enhanced creativity
  • 500% increased productivity
  • improved relationships
  • better brain function & reversal of age-related brain deterioration
  • slowing and reversing the aging process

and more!

And it’s all based in science and spirituality.

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Here are some Videos of me while I’m painting using my Creative Flow Process for tapping into Flow State

These painting sessions (shown below) using high energy RED, demonstrate my typical painting process using upbeat music and the caffeine-like, high-energy effects of staring at the color red.

It’s part of my Creative Flow Process …

Using the colors that I’m naturally drawn to on any given day, helps catalyze my Flow State. And the same techniques work for everyone else I’ve taught this Creative Flow Process to.


To see Leanne’s videos about the Science of Color & Light and learn more about how color affects us, physically & emotionally, visit The Healing Effects of Color, Light Art & Flow State


Leanne Venier, Color & Light Therapy Expert, Painting in Flow State with Katy Perry


What Does Flow State Look Like? Leanne Venier, Color & Light Therapy Expert, Painting in Flow


Leanne Venier, Color & Light Therapy Expert, Painting in Flow State with Christina Aguilera

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