What Medical Doctors are Saying about the Healing Effects of Leanne’s Artwork

Dr. Richard D. Hammer says:

“There is no doubt that Ms. Venier’s brand of abstract painting arouses a deep emotional and mental response. Her unique use of color can evoke a physiologic response as well, that has benefits well beyond that of just aesthetic pleasure.

Stress is a known contributor to illness and aging and has been shown, on a cellular level, to shorten telomeres, the protective caps at the end of DNA, associated with aging. Shortened telomeres are linked with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment and cancer. Stress reduction techniques have been scientifically proven to decrease, and may reverse the rate of telomere shortening, thus having a significant anti-aging effect.

I’ve personally experienced how Ms. Venier’s paintings significantly reduce stress levels simply by staring at them, which can have an anti-aging effect.”
– Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D. FABAARM, FASCP, FCAP
Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell & Anti-aging Expert
Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Director of Hematopathology, University of Missouri School of Medicine


Dr. Michael Glasscock, III says:

‘I’ve never been fond of abstract art until I saw Leanne’s work. Her abstracts often feel like landscape images suggesting views of land and water. The numerous layers in her paintings give a great sense of depth, expansiveness and openness, creating an effect that draws viewers into the painting. I’ve now proudly added a second piece by her to my art collection.’
– Dr. Michael Glasscock, III, M.D., F.A.C.S., Austin, TX 

Healing Colors Art Therapy Success Story:

How a Woman in New Zealand Healed her Eyesight by Gazing at one of Leanne’s RED Paintings

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What Others are Saying:


“Leanne’s paintings thunder directly to my heart and soul. So powerful … so connected to Source!
One shifts as her work exposes personal and universal Truth.”
– Christopher D. Brown, Austin, TX


‘Gonzalez’s ife died of cancer when she was 45 and he says his new paintings (by Venier) lift his spirits. He wants the same for others, especially those who suffer from painful or stressful conditions. “Imagine this vivid, mesmerizing art in a chemotherapy clinic,” he said. “Treatments are long, stressful and people need to find a way to relax. My wife would have loved the paintings.”’
San Antonio Magazine article quoting Oscar Gonzalez, Medical Research Coordinator, UTHSC-SA


‘The paintings of Leanne Venier stimulate the body and soul through vivacious fields of colorful abstraction, utilizing the spectrum of light frequencies to create calm, clear minds and to physically heal the body. Leanne’s visual therapy utilizes color energy as a method to inspire positive emotions, in much the same way that music affects emotion through sound frequencies. Her ongoing studies in color therapy, Jungian psychology, dream analysis, and Eastern philosophies, as well as her background as a healing practitioner utilizing acupuncture and shiatsu, have allowed her to develp a deeper understanding of the role of creative energy in healthy living. Leanne’s focus on channeling healing energy through color therapy have become an intutive means of promoting emotional and physical wellbeing, as a form of compassionate interaction through artistic expression.’
– Matt Anzak, International Fine Art Curator


Leanne, I went to the Louvre in Paris a few years back; I love the masters, renaissance art, I love the way it moves my soul, but good grief, your ability to invoke soul responses with your colors is uncanny. This one really stirred something in me – gorgeous. The energies in this one are more than healing they are uplifting, inspirational and something else I can’t put my finger on. Can’t quit staring. Hope I get to see it in person. (Referring to Journey to the Light, 48×72”)
– Marian Marlow Brown, Austin, TX



I had a headache and watching your video “LEANNE VENIER’s Color Therapy Healing Paintings set to Music. A Multi-sensory Healing Meditation” on YouTube made me feel better!!

Leanne, your images are remarkably calming, energizing, and appealing. I’ve also sent the video link to some folks who really need to watch it and begin to understand this exciting field.
-Shelley Fleming
SafeStuff911.com – “Who is Leanne Venier? This artist & engineer paints for color, light, and energy healing”

‘In the art of painting, the artist seeks to reach out beyond the limitations of space, time and language…and that is what the work of Leanne Venier is all about.’
– Touch Décor International Design Magazine

“I was really impressed with (Leanne’s) artwork, and when I looked into her background and saw that she’d been in engineering, I saw that she herself is in balance
…That balance of the concrete and abstract is very appropriate for our environment at the medical school. It’s a balance of science and art – and we can all use more balance in our lives.”
Michigan Tech University Alumni Magazine article, quoting Penelope Borchers, Special Collections Librarian & Exhibit Curator, UTHSC-SA


“I just love Leanne’s art – it touches the soul!”
– Nicla Williams, Freelance Journalist, Cardiff, UK

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While my intent was to obtain one of Leanne’s enchanting paintings to enhance my house, I quickly realized that her paintings brought more than mere beauty. Leanne explained the nature behind the green color I’d been feeling so drawn to & her art then also represented what was happening spiritually in my heart.’
Melita Elmore, Environmental Consultant, Austin, TX


I suffered chronic pain for many years. It was always by stepping out into nature, into someplace new, that I found myself in a world of magic and the pain forgotten. I find Leanne’s paintings doing the same for me. They capture both the beauty and magic of nature in potion form. A dose of her paintings transports me to that safe, magical place where I may be a carefree child again, unburdened by the ills of age.’
-Joe Lapp, Nature Educator & Software Architect with a Background in Physics


‘Leanne uses intense color to inspire emotional presence. Her compositions evoke different emotions – calm, joy, radiance, playfulness, passion. Meditating on them connects me to those emotions and inspires a sense of internal balance and harmony.’
– John Gough, Art Collector, Austin TX

‘Leanne, Your exhibit looks spectacular! The installation is so beautiful. Compliments are coming in steadily, and I’m sure you’ll have a strong fan base here at the Health Science Center in time for your talk on June 9th.’ 
– Penelope Borchers, Special Collections Librarian & Exhibit Curator, UTHSC-SA


“I’ve had the pleasure of viewing Leanne’s art in several settings over the last few years. Every time, I am delighted by the way her abstract work has so much life and seems to reach out and pull me in. Leanne’s work, with its bold and fascinating use of color and its organic textures, both comforts and challenges me, seeming to walk along with me through whatever I am experiencing in my personal, professional, physical or spiritual life at any given time.”
– Leslie Friedlander, Attorney, Austin, TX


‘What’s happening with your artwork is great, Leanne! People are using your paintings (in healthcare environments) to reach many people, especially people in need. This seems like such a terrific match. It’s exciting that one painting of yours can make a huge difference in the lives of many. You’re really inspiring for me in my work as well.’
– Joe Lapp, Nature Educator & Software Architect with a Background in Physics


‘This painting makes me want to drop everything and learn to paint. Or just stare at it for hours. It’s electrifying!’
(referring to Leanne’s painting, ‘Immortal Evanescence’)
Kelty Christman, Austin, TX

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