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Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA is an International Award-winning Artist, Engineer & Science of Color and Light Therapy expert, who frequently lectures, coaches, conducts workshops and consults on these topics:

  • The Science behind the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art at Major Medical Centers, MENSA & elsewhere.
  • How to use color to quickly and easily get into FLOW State (aka The Zone) for enhanced creativity & imagination, improved health & wellness, increased productivity, Peak Performance and Ultimate Happiness (See Creative Flow Training & Workshops).
  • Ayahuasca and Consciousness exploration – the facts, the science & her personal experiences in Peru using this wonderful, life-enhancing plant medicine.
  • Consulting – residential, business, corporate or medical Interior Color & Lighting Design for Optimizing Health, Creativity and Peak Productivity.

Please CONTACT Leanne directly for Speaking & Consulting rates and fees.


If you would like to invite Leanne to:
  • Speak with your company, group or organization about the Healing Effects of Color, Light, Art & Flow State and why they are important for peak productivity and optimal health;
  • Conduct a Creative Flow Workshop or Training Series for your business or organization.
  • Provide one-on-one Creative Flow Coaching
  • Consult with you about Interior Color & Lighting Design Solutions for your business or residence to Optimize Health, Creativity & Productivity

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Private Healing Colors Consultations can be arranged via phone, Skype or Google Hangouts.
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Radio & Podcast Interviews (with Audio Links):


  • Nationally Syndicated Radio – The Christine Upchurch Show – February 2014
    “The Science & Soul of Healing Using Color, Light and Art”
    Christine’s show bridges science, healing, spirituality & ancient wisdom. Her recent guests include NY Times best selling authors Gregg Braden (The God Code, Fractal Time), Gary Zukav (The Dancing Wu LI Masters) and Dr. Joe Dispenza (What the Bleep)LISTEN to Leanne’s Interview with Christine, here: “The Science & Soul of Healing using Color, Light & Art with guest Leanne Venier”


  • National Color Therapy Month, New York, NY – Radio Show featuring Leanne Venier “The Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art” – March 2013
  • KOOP Radio, Austin – Radio Interview on The Healing Effects of Color & Art- November 2010
  • KOOP Radio, Austin – Radio Interview on The Healing Effects of Color & Art – May 2010
  • NPR Radio, Austin – Radio Interview on the Healing Effects of Color & Art – October 2009


Leanne’s Recent Public Speaking Engagements (some with Video Links)


  • Marriage & Money Conference – Austin, TX – July 2015
    “How to Apply the Joy and Ease of Creative Flow in your Marriage & Financial Management”


  • Institute for Neuroscience & Consciousness Studies (INACS), Austin, TX – March 2014
    “Ayahuasca Journeys, Revelations & Insights: Explorations in Peru” – Video coming soon!


  • Medical Tourism Conference, San Antonio, TX – July 2013
    “The Science of Color, Light & Art as Medical Therapies

  • MENSA Annual Gathering, Fort Worth, TX – June 2013
    “From Photons to BioPhotons: Art, Color & Light Therapy for Health & Healing”



  • UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX – November 2011
    Lecture for Faculty MD’s, other medical staff, students & public.
    “Effective Color: Using Light & Color Frequencies in Medicine”


  • UT Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, TX – June 2011
    Lecture for Faculty MD’s, other medical staff, students & public.
    “The Color Effect: The Art & Science of Color & Healing”


Television Interviews (with Video Links):




Published Magazine & Online articles (with Links)

written by Leanne Venier

Texas MD Magazine, April/May 2015
Secrets for Successful Sleep
Article about the negative and life-threatening health effects of Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation, what the common causes are (especially in the workplace) and how to naturally improve this imbalance using color, light and natural sunshine.
For sale in all Texas grocery stores including Whole Foods.

Texas MD Magazine, Feb/March 2015
Beat Back the Winter Blues: Sunlight & Color to the Rescue!
Article about healing depression and anxiety with color, light & Sunshine by Leanne Venier
For sale in all Texas grocery stores including Whole Foods.

Texas MD Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014
“Hello Sunshine: The Science of Healing Sunshine and the Myths that are Killing Us”
by Leanne Venier.
Nov/Dec 2014 issue – for sale in all Texas grocery stores including Whole Foods.

Waterways Magazine, Fall 2013
“How Color and Art Affect Stress and Aging”
by Dr. Richard D. Hammer, anti-aging & regenerative medicine specialist & Director of Hematopathology Department at the University of Missouri, Columbia, Medical Center, (with scientific contributions by Leanne Venier) about the healing effects of Leanne Venier’s artwork.


For many more articles written ABOUT Leanne Venier and her artwork by various national and international publications, please visit the Press Page of this website.