This page includes Press about Leanne’s International Award-winning Healing Paintings & her Global Teachings about Healing Color, Light, Art & Flow State

Leanne is widely recognized as the World’s Leading Expert on the many benefits & Healing Effects of Color, Light, Art & Flow State … and the Science that Supports it all.

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Leanne is featured as the World’s Leading Science of Color & Light Therapy Expert in the Top Sante UK Health Magazine – November 2015, London, England

CLICK HERE TO READ the 3 page article

TOP SANTE UK MAGAZINE – ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT’ article quoting Leanne Venier as World’s Leading Color & Light expert

TOP-SANTE-UK-MAGAZINE---SHINE-ON-article-quoting-Leanne-as-Color-and-Light-expert-1 TOP-SANTE-UK-MAGAZINE---SHINE-ON-article-quoting-Leanne-as-Color-and-Light-expert-2 TOP-SANTE-UK-MAGAZINE---SHINE-ON-article-quoting-Leanne-as-Color-and-Light-expert-3


Leanne invited by Texas MD Magazine to be their regular contributing expert author on the Science behind the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art.


Listen to Leanne’s podcast with Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive:

“Supersenses, Biophotonics & Light Spectrum”

Leanne Venier & Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive, discuss Color, Light, Biophotonics & Supersenses

Leanne Venier & Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive, discuss Color, Light, Biophotonics & Supersenses


Leanne is featured as The Science of Color & Light Therapy Expert in DR. OZ’s GOOD LIFE MAGAZINE

All about the color ORANGE! The perfect color to warm up your holiday season. – October 2014
On “The Christine Upchurch Show” – Bridging Science, Spirituality, Healing & Ancient Wisdom”

Christine’s RECENT GUESTS include: NY Times best selling author, Gregg Braden (The God Code, Fractal Time, The Divine Matrix), Gary Zukav (The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Seat of the Soul) & Dr. Joe Dispenza (What the Bleep)

The Christine Upchurch Show


Leanne invited as color & light therapy expert source for the new CNN/Turner Broadcasting Health & Wellness Website, UpWave

Articles featuring Leanne Venier, Color & Light Expert:

“Winter Light Tips for your Home” by Serusha Govender – December 2013
“How Fall Colors Affect Your Mood” by Serusha Govender – October 2013

Waterways Magazine, Fall 2013

Article about the Healing Effects of Leanne Venier’s artwork, by Dr. Richard D. Hammer, M.D.

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Leanne interviewed on Luminaries Color Conference Radio in New York, NY for National Color Therapy Month

LISTEN to this very informative interview on MP3:
Free Download:


Leanne Venier, Featured Artist on Manhattan Arts, Healing Power of Art Blog – February, 2013


Leanne Venier, Selected as Cover Artist for the Austin Launch issue of NOW! Magazine – May/June 2012

Leanne Venier Featured Artist for NOW! Magazine


NOW! Magazine Cover featuring artwork by Leanne Venier

Cover Art by Leanne Venier – “Spectral Depths“, Oil on Canvas, 36×36”


Leanne chosen as one of 9 artists for the ‘Best of Texas Exhibition’ at the Premier Dallas Gallery, Wisby-Smith

Abstract Painter Venier, Selected for ‘Best of Texas’ Exhibition


Leanne on NBC-TV

Leanne is interviewed on NBC-TV, WOAI  ‘San Antonio Living’ about the Healing Effects of Color & Artwork – July 2011

Watch this 5  minute TV interview on Youtube:

 NBC-TV Interview: ‘Healing Colors: The Art & Science’ 


Do you like Feel-good stories? So do I!

That’s why I happily agreed to allow this L.A. documentary film group to use my artwork to promote their upcoming documentary:

“Taking Initiative: Nation of Heroes” – “A documentary exploring one unusual group’s need to do good for their world & their trip from CA to NY in search of others who are compelled to do the same.”
If you’d also like to support their cause, please visit their FUNDRAZR Page

THE LUMINOUS GROUND by Leanne Venier, for Nation of Heroes Documentary


Press about Leanne’s Exhibition, ‘The Color Effect: The Art & Science of Color and Healing’

at UT Health Sciences Center Medical School, San Antonio, May 2 – June 20, 2011:

1. Michigan Tech University Alumni Magazine Article about Leanne, May 2011:

MTU Alumni Article – “Full Spectrum” featuring Alumnus, Leanne Venier
Online version here
. Scroll through the photos by clicking on the > button.

2. San Antonio Magazine, June 2011 featuring Leanne Venier “The Art of Healing”


3. San Antonio Express News, June 2011


4. Radio WOAI, San Antonio, June 2011

“Can Color Heal & Improve Health?” with color expert, Leanne Venier

Austin Artist uses Color to Improve Mental & Physical Well-being

5. UTHSC Briscoe Library, June 2011 – “Exhibitor & Speaker, Leanne Venier, will explore the Healing Properties of Color for Medical Staff & Students”

No longer available online

6. UTHSC Inside, June 2011 – ‘Artist Considers Color & its Impact on Well-being’

No longer available online


EARLY PRESS – from Leanne’s first 3 years as an artist:

KOOP 91.7 Radio Austin – Khotan Harmon interviews Leanne about Color, Healing & Art – May 2010

Khotan was the 2010 & 2011 Gracie Award-winning host of the popular radio show “Idea Lounge” on KOOP 91.7 F.M. (Sorry, Online interview no longer available)

NPR Radio Interview featuring Artist, Leanne Venier on KUT 90.5 Radio Austin

“The Healing Effects of Leanne Venier’s Artwork” 2009


‘Touch Decor’ International Design Magazine based in Paris & Lebanon

Each quarterly issue, 55,000 copies, pan-Arab worldwide distribution.
Leanne Venier was honored to be selected as their FEATURED ARTIST in the January-April, 2009 edition – less than 2 years after she first began painting.

Touch Decor International Design Magazine Featured Artist Article

Leanne was invited to be the Featured Artist for this International Upscale Decor Magazine in her first year as an artist.

Article Text:

Leanne Venier: What Lies Beyond a Painting

“Native of Ontario, Canada, Leanne Venier, is an abstract painter who paints driven by her ongoing quest to understand the human psyche in its complicated nature and mysteries. Her paintings are a reflection of her state of mind and her work is a translation of her emotions expressed in vibrant, rich colors that gives her access to express with visual forms and not with words, for words will not do her justice in communicating her emotional status.

The words of the famous psychologist, Carl Jung, who had a great influence on our painter, would describe best the work of Leanne Venier when he said: “Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument.”

In the art of painting, the artist seeks to reach out beyond the limitations of space, time and language; he builds a bridge which collides with two worlds: his world and the viewer’s world, and that is what the work of Leanne Venier is all about.

Strong, vibrant colors that she has an attraction to is shown in all her paintings, as well as richness in tone and texture. Each painting delivers a message that is behind a concept, a state of being, a communicational channel, that needs no fine-tuning. Anyone can find what they are looking for in her paintings; it is one painting but many interpretations. Each painting is a doorway to her inner self, so gaze in long enough and you are transported there!”

Touch Decor is a Pan Arab Design magazine with a 55,000 copy distribution worldwide.


‘A RISING STAR’ – Article about Leanne and her rapid rise in the art world, in Austin Wide Open Magazine

“A Rising Star – Leanne Venier” – ‘Art Around Austin’ – Summer 2008

Austin Chronicle – Article about the theft of 3 of Leanne’s paintings:

‘Art Thefts: Ripped Off While You Eat’ – Austin, TX, August 7-14, 2008

Austin American Statesman – Article about the theft of Leanne’s artwork

“Art Stolen from Local Restaurant”- pdf  Austin, TX, July 30, 2008

KXAN News – Article about theft of Leanne’s art

WALL STREET JOURNAL Article about Vintage Modern Homes’ Art-themed Open houses, April 24, 2008

with Leanne Venier featured artist
“Drinks, DJ? See the Realtor inside”

Leanne’s Artwork appears in the Austin Good Life Magazine

Article about Vintage Modern Homes Art-themed Open houses, April 2008

NPR Austin, KUT RADIO (90.5 FM) (National Public Radio) Recorded Studio Interview

Leanne Venier on John Aielli’s ‘Aielli Unleashed‘ about Leanne’s emergence in the Austin art scene, October 2007
(Sorry – no longer available in the KUT archives)


2 page feature article about Leanne Venier’s up-and-coming art debut in ‘ART NEWS’, October 2007 
(Sorry – no longer available in the Austin Woman Magazine Archives)

KOOP RADIO 91.7 Austin

Live Studio Interview – Leanne Venier on Erin Ripley’s Visual Aid Show, October 2007 about Leanne’s debut as an up-and-coming artist and about the career transformations she’s made throughout her life – from classical pianist to mechanical engineer to holistic healer, acupuncturist & Zen shiatsu practitioner to professional artist.
(Sorry – no longer available in the KOOP archives)

Photo from Austin Good Life Magazine, April 2008 featuring 'Serenity' and 'Power of the Great' by Leanne Venier
Photo from Austin Good Life Magazine, April 2008 featuring ‘Serenity’ and ‘Power of the Great’ by Leanne Venier

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