Artist, Engineer & Expert in the Science of Color, Light & Flow State for Optimal Health, Creativity & Productivity
Leanne Venier with her Healing Abstract Oil Paintings in her Leanne Venier Gallery

Leanne Venier with her International award-winning abstract oil paintings

Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA, is an international award-winning artist, engineer and expert in the science of color & light who regularly lectures at major medical centers, SXSW Interactive, MENSA and elsewhere. She combines her art with her past careers as a mechanical engineer then acupuncturist to teach medical doctors, executives and lay people about the latest scientific research for optimizing health, creativity and productivity using color, light, Art and Flow State.

She has been interviewed on NBC-TV, nationally syndicated radio, international podcasts and in numerous magazines about color, light, optimal health and Flow state, and is a regular contributor to Texas MD Magazine.

Leanne also conducts Color & Creative Flow Training & Workshops where business executives, entrepreneurs and lay people learn to quickly and reliably get into Flow State, an optimal state of consciousness where Insights, Innovation, Peak Productivity, Creativity and Optimal Health occurs.

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Leanne is available for speaking engagements, Creative Flow Workshops & Training sessions and consultations. More information on her Science of Color, Light & Flow website,

‘In the art of painting, the artist seeks to reach out beyond the limitations of space, time and language… that is what the work of Leanne Venier is all about.’

– Touch Décor International Design Magazine

Leanne Venier with her Healing Abstract Oil Paintings in her Leanne Venier Gallery

Leanne Venier with her vibrant, healing abstract oil paintings in her Leanne Venier Gallery


Leanne Venier is an international award-winning artist, engineer and expert in the science of color and light who regularly lectures about the healing and consciousness-raising effects of color, light frequencies, and art at major medical centers, SXSW Interactive, MENSA and elsewhere.

Venier, originally from Ontario, Canada was a mechanical engineer designing submarines for Lockheed until a lifelong passion for healing and knowledge about consciousness drew her to the healing arts. This journey took her to Florence, Italy for seven years where she studied holistic healing methods and Jungian psychology and then back to the United States and British Columbia for advanced training as an acupuncturist and Zen Shiatsu practitioner. In 2007, Venier started painting and left her healing practice to begin working as a professional artist.

It is from this diverse background that Venier now educates medical practitioners, scientists, business executives and lay people about the most up-to-date scientific research in the fields of phototherapy, biophotonics, light, color and art therapy, and the countless benefits of Flow state, an optimal state of consciousness where Insights, Innovation and Peak Productivity occurs.

Venier’s abstract paintings have won numerous awards, including “Grand Prize of the Jury for Outstanding Artwork” in Vico del Gargano, Italy, “Best of Texas” in Dallas, TX and Finalist in the prestigious Hunting Art Prize in Houston, TX. Her work has been featured in many national and international magazines and sought out for private and corporate collections around the world. Her evocative paintings move the soul, utilizing color to create calm, clear minds and physically healing serenity.

Many people have responded to Venier’s artwork, commenting on the spiritual nature they feel from the soothing compositions, intense colors, and numerous thin layers of paint (which take several months to apply) all of which create a sense of depth and invite the viewer inwards. Viewers comment that they are drawn to her work because of the effect it has on allowing them to enter a deep meditative state, thereby enabling them to attain elevated states of consciousness like Flow state.

Venier has been interviewed numerous times on national radio and television regarding her artwork and its role in using color to heal. She has also served as a color healing consultant for the Austin State Hospital and conducted workshops on the healing effects of color for UT Health Science Center’s Cancer Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio.

Venier has been actively interested in the exploration of consciousness and uses her art and other methods to tap into these expanded states of consciousness and Flow state. She has been involved with The Institute of Neuroscience & Consciousness Studies (INACS) since 2003 and has served as their Director of Outreach and Trustee. She was twice their featured monthly speaker with standing-room-only, record-breaking attendance both times.

Her 2013 INACS talk, “Color, Consciousness & Healing: The Healing Effects of Color, Light Frequencies and Art”, is viewable in three parts on Leanne’s YouTube channel.
In 2014, Leanne again lectured for INACS about her experiences during her month in Peru that year, and her numerous experiences using Ayahuasca as a healing plant medicine for enhancing states of consciousness.

She has lectured at many conferences including MENSA and SXSW Interactive 2015 where she talked about the importance of tapping into Flow state and integrating both sides of the brain in business including the left (logical – linear – black & white) and right (creative – intuitive – color) sides.

Venier’s healing artwork can be viewed in her Online Galleries. The full therapeutic effects of the original oil paintings may be experienced in person by private appointment in her LEANNE VENIER gallery located in Austin, TX.

Venier also teaches Color & Creative Flow Workshops & Training (both in the US and internationally) which teach executives & lay people to use color and simple exercises to quickly and reliably attain Flow state. By achieving Flow, people can tap into their unlimited creativity, innate healing abilities, peak productivity & performance and find Ultimate Happiness. Leanne also teaches them how to channel this Creative Flow ability into all aspects of their personal lives and business dealings.


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