The BEST HEALING COLORS FOR YOU are simply the ones you feel most drawn to!

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Have you ever heard that some colors have stronger healing properties over another? Well, this isn’t exactly true.

That’s like saying that Zinc has stronger healing effects in your body than Vitamin E or C. For a healthy body and mind, you need ALL of the vitamins and minerals (just like you need ALL of the color energies).

Think of the Full Spectrum of Color energies that are found in sunshine (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet) just like you’d think of a Full Spectrum Vitamin.

If you’re coming down with a cold, you may crave oranges because your body knows that it contains Vitamin C which will help you heal more quickly.

It’s the same with “color vitamins”. You’ll sometimes crave certain color energies which will help you restore balance in your body and emotions more quickly.

And just as it’s a good idea to eat oranges when your body is telling you to do so, it’s a great idea to bring more of whatever colors you’re craving into your home or office environment or even with you while you’re on the go.


These “color vitamins” that we crave will vary (just like food nutrient cravings do).

Your color cravings will depend on whatever is out of balance in your body. Your different organ systems and cells function optimally by using different wavelengths of color for their various functions. If one organ system is out of balance, you’ll crave the color energies that will bring that organ or cellular system back into balance.

This is why red light will help heal wounds much more quickly, first discovered by NASA in 2004.

How Red Light affects our Cells and Creates a Healing Response:

When exposed to red light, the mitochondria (powerhouses) of your cells respond directly and will kick into gear. Countless research studies conducted around the world have now proven what NASA discovered in 2004.

Because of how our cells respond to these particular wavelengths of colored light, Red light is also commonly used not only for healing surface wounds, but also for internal issues. Red light very effectively treats arthritis, joint pain, muscular pain, it stimulates bone growth, stops cold sores in their tracks, and even has an anti-aging and beautifying effect by stimulating collagen to get rid of facial wrinkles.

And just as Red light affects us on a cellular level, simply looking at objects that are Red in color, has a similar effect. It gives you more energy, speeds up blood flow and circulation in your body and makes you move, act and think more quickly.

All of the Colors Affect Us in this Way. Each Color has its own particular effect and we will crave the Colors that our Body needs to come back into Balance.


So, if you’re deficient in one nutrient or one Color Vitamin/Energy, that one is going to have much stronger healing effect for you personally.

Once you start supplementing with the Color Vitamins your body is craving by adding more of that Color into your home or office or while you’re on-the-go, you’ll find that you can quickly come back into balance and your mental and physical health will be restored.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to determine which color energies we’re deficient in…

…because our bodies have an uncanny way of telling us through our attractions to different colors!

Have you ever felt inexplicably drawn to a certain color?

And have you ever felt that whenever you’d see that color, it would jump right out at you and make you want to buy whatever that thing was and take it home with you?

Well, this is simply because your body and psyche knows that Color will be very healing for you and will help you to feel and perform your best.

Your body and psyche intuitively knows that you’re deficient in that Color’s energy wavelength and it’s trying to get you to supplement that deficiency by surrounding yourself with that Color or Colors. So, our “Color Cravings” are actually a very good thing!

What Does it Mean when We’re drawn to a particular Color MOST of the time (ie. our “favorite colors”).

Question: Does this mean my body and psyche is always out of balance then?

Answer: No, this simply tells us more about what our ‘constitutional type’ is.

I like to call these favorite, ‘go-to’ colors that most of us have, as our ‘battery recharge colors’.

We all have certain constitutional body types and some of us thrive in high energy environments while others thrive in calmer, quieter environments. Depending on which type you are, you’ll tend to feel drawn to the colors which support those natural ways of being – even when you’re in balance and feeling good.

Your favorite colors simply help you feel and perform even better.

For example, if you’re a very high-energy, active, type-A person who loves to always be thinking, moving, working on different projects:

Your favorite colors may be RED or ORANGE or YELLOW. The energizing color RED will keep your batteries charged up so you can maintain the high energy behavior that you thrive on. RED will keep a high energy person running for hours, just like caffeine can give you an energy boost when you’re tired.

Orange and Yellow are also energizing, uplifting and stimulating colors like Red. Red is the strongest, then Orange and then Yellow.

However, if you’re a high energy person but right now you’re feeling stressed out and overworked:

You may be more likely to feel temporarily drawn to calming, cooling colors like BLUE, INDIGO, OR VIOLET during those times of stress and overwork.

RED will often be your “go-to battery-recharge-color” when you’re in balance, but if you get stressed out, overworked or even if you drink too much coffee, you may be less drawn to your favorite RED and more drawn to those calming, cooling colors.

Make Sense? 🙂

Conversely, if you’re a calmer type who thrives by often being in a solitude in a quiet serene space, and you do your best work when your surroundings are calm and quiet:

One of your favorite, ‘go-to’ colors may be BLUE, INDIGO OR VIOLET.

The calming influence of these colors will tend to sustain a calm person, just as red, orange or yellow will sustain a high energy person.

And just like with the RED personality above, if you’re typically a calm person who’s feeling unusually tired or depleted for a period of time:

you may one day find yourself inexplicably drawn to reds, oranges or yellows – the colors that will bring your energy up – even if you don’t typically enjoy being around those colors as much.

So, you see? Our bodies always tell us exactly what color energies we need to get back into balance! All we need to do is pay attention.

And since we’re constantly going in and out of balance and it’s all just part of being a normal human being, it’s best for our health – both physical and mental – to have choices and variety in the colors we surround ourselves with.

One simple way that I bring color into my home and work environment is through articles in my home and office that I use and see every day.

For example, I have a full spectrum of coffee art-mugs in my kitchen and office – one in each color.

Depending on how my day is starting off, the color of mug I choose for my morning beverage that day will change from day to day. Some days I’ll be very drawn to my energizing, fiery RED mug, other days, I’ll use my calming, balancing TEAL mug, etc.

And by using whichever mug is most appealing to me on that day, it’s an easy way for me to help my body and psyche restore optimal health — in whatever areas I may be feeling out of balance!

So, simply choose the Color Therapy Products that look most appealing to you and they’ll help you get back into balance every time you look at or use them – it really IS that simple! 🙂

Mug, travel, stainless - Teal - Evolution of ConsciousnessPillow - Vibrant RED - 2 sidedMug - Teal - Evolution of ConsciousnessPillow - RED - Passions FlurryIpad case - red,orange,yellow,green-vertical landscapePhoneCaseTeal mousepadMug - tealPillow - TealRainbow mug

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  1. Thanks for that clear definition and description of colour therapy. (as a Canadian …you’ll note that we spell the word
    colour with a ‘u’…
    This information really makes sense.


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