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See Individual Healing Colors: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, TEALBLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, WHITE, MAGENTA and their Corresponding Healing Properties.

Why do We Need or Feel Drawn to Certain Colors More Than Others?

– As living entities, we are made up of atoms & molecules which make up the various organs and systems in our bodies, each with its own chemical composition and corresponding healthy frequency.  (Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp)
– If certain organ systems get out of balance, they need specific color frequencies to get them back into balance.
– When there is illness, an organ’s frequency or strength will change. When certain color frequencies are shone on or around the body or absorbed through the eyes, these organs can absorb the energy they need to come back into balance.
– Certain colors also affect our different emotional states

How are Individual Colors Like Individual Vitamins?

Say you take a multi-vitamin every day, but one day you start to feel like you’re coming down with a cold. Does that mean you take 2 or 3 multivitamins?

No… to work directly on the cold, you’ll take an additional higher dose of Vitamin C.
Or, very likely, your body may try to tell you to start eating Citrus fruits that are high in Vitamin C, simply by having cravings for oranges or grapefruit.

It’s similar with Color Therapy:

You’ll often have “color cravings” for the exact type of color energies your body is needing to come back into balance.

In those cases, you can get a full spectrum dose of the “color vitamin” by going out under sunlight, or you can simply bring more of those individual colors into your home and work environments for a more concentrated effect.

Those single dose colors will bring you back into balance more quickly, just like a higher concentration of Vitamin C will help you heal from a cold more quickly.

Make sense? 🙂

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