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Leanne Venier’s Healing Colors Artwork:


Her blog includes a wealth of Information about how you can use COLOR in your own life, to CREATE HARMONY, HEALTH & ABUNDANCE.

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In addition, feel free to view the images on this website as often as you’d like, whenver you’d like to bring yourself into balance and improve your sense of well-being.
You can figure out which color energies you need more of simply by looking at the different painting images and noticing which colors jump out at you.
Are you really drawn to RED? or how about BLUE? We have an intuitive sense for knowing which colors we need more of. So, if you’re feeling like you can’t get enough of that RED, then think about bringing some red into your wardrobe or home environment!
And if you have any QUESTIONS about her ARTWORK or about COLOR and HEALING, feel free to contact Leanne via this website CONTACT PAGE or via her BLOG.

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