Leanne Venier with her Flow Painting "Luminous Tranquility"

Hi, I’m Leanne!

Engineer, Artist, Eastern Medicine Physician and Pioneering Expert in the Science of Color, Light Therapy & Flow State

If you’d like to learn about the Healing, REDjuvenating and Anti-aging Benefits of:

  • Color Therapy, Art Therapy and
  • Light Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Near Infrared Therapy & Blue Light Therapy and
  • Flow State …

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If you have a question about Leanne’s powerful REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Light Therapy Healing and anti-aging devices … BUT FIRST do this

… Since many common questions are already answered in Leanne’s REDjuvenator FAQ

Please read the REDjuvenator FAQ & Testimonials FIRST …
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Be sure to visit Leanne’s REDjuvenator™ Testimonials page to see real healing and anti-aging success stories and Before and After photos from real people just like you.

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Please also email us if you would like to:

  • interview Leanne on your podcast, radio or television show
  • organize a group and have Leanne come teach her Creative Flow Program in your city. Contact us to see if your group qualifies.
  • invite Leanne to speak or Keynote at your conference, or for your group or business.

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