Leanne Venier with her healing painting, Ageless, Boundless, Timeless

Leanne Venier, international award-winning artist, engineer, & science of color and light therapy expert, frequently lectures about the science behind the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art at Major Medical Centers, MENSA, SXSW Interactive, on NBC-TV, national radio, international podcasts & elsewhere.

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VIDEOS about the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art:

“COLOR, CONSCIOUSNESS & HEALING: The Healing Effects of Color, Light Frequencies and Art”

Leanne Venier, special guest of INACS (Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies) and IONS Austin (Institute of Noetic Sciences), speaks about the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art and how they can all Heal & Aid in achieving Elevated States of Consciouness.

Part 1 of 3 3 – see below):

“How Our Bodies Absorb Color & Light Energy and Why We Need these Colors for Optimal Health”

Part 1 includes information on:
  • Full Spectrum Light & Sunlight
  • Blue Light (and how your Ipad, computer & smartphone may be causing your insomnia … plus easy fixes)
  • and much more!

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Part 2 of 3 includes:

“How Color & Light Influence our Biophotons” and

“The Healing Effects of Artwork”



Part 3 of 3:

“How We Can Use Individual Color Energies for Optimal Health”

Includes Detailed Medical applications and other healing information about all of the Spectral Colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet




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Leanne Venier on NBC – TV

In this short video, Leanne is interviewed on NBC-WOAI’s San Antonio Living TV talk show,
speaking about the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art



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Watch or Listen to all of Leanne’s National Radio & International Podcast interviews – all links are on the Speaking, Coaching and Consultations Page.

You can also read all of Leanne’s published articles about the Medical and Everyday Applications of Color & Light Therapy while you’re there.


During Leanne’s Lectures & Interviews (see YouTube videos above) there is much more information presented than is shown on this page, including all of the most recent scientific research in this field of medicine.



Scroll down to See Individual Healing Colors (RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, TURQUOISEBLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, WHITE, MAGENTA) and their Corresponding Healing PropertiesPlease Scroll Down 



Some Basic Science about Color & Light:

Sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface contains UV, IR and Visible Light (which contains all of the colors in the spectrum)

All visible light is between 400 & 700 NM


IR (InfraRed = Below Red Light. Not visible to the human eye)
Red (longest wavelength in the visible light spectrum)
Violet (shortest wavelength in the visible light spectrum
UV (UltraViolet = Above Violet Light. Not visible to the human eye & includes UVA, UVB & UVC)





How Do We Perceive Light?:

There are three things that can happen to a light wave:
It can be reflected, absorbed, or transmitted. This is determined by the object that the wave hits, and that will give it its color. For an object to be black, it means that all the wavelengths of light hitting that object are absorbed; no light is reflected. Solid objects, for the most part, will reflect light, and transparent objects will transmit light through them.

Why Do Objects Appear to be Certain Colors?:

The color of anything depends on the type of light sent to our eyes; light is necessary if we are to have any perception of color at all. An object is “colored,” as stated above, because of the light it reflects-all other colors are absorbed into that specific object. So then, an apple appears red because it reflects red light back to our eyes.


White light from the sun contains all the possible color variations. 


Yet, the human eye can only respond to certain colors and wavelengths, and not everyone sees the same colors or exact same shades of a color. Our ability to perceive color correctly does not matter in terms of being able to absorb the appropriate color frequencies, however. Even color blind people and blind people can benefit in the same ways from color therapy.


How Do We Absorb Color Energy?

We absorb color energy in 3 ways:

Via our EYES;
We also absorb this healing energy directly through our SKIN;
As well as through our HUMAN ENERGY FIELD.

You can read about a brand new ultra-sensitive camera developed by scientists in Japan that can now photograph bio-photon emissions from human beings (this ‘human energy field’ is what has historically been known as the ‘human aura’):


Color, Healing & Art – A Fun Exercise:

Using colors to bring balance into our lives is a very easy and accessible method that people can use to help heal themselves. The different energy channels (meridians) and organs in our bodies resonate at different frequencies; these frequencies correspond to different colors.

We are naturally drawn to the colors whose frequency we need more of and which correlate with our energy deficiencies. The premise is by using color, we can direct energy to those areas of our body, meridians and organs, which need healing.

Color Therapy in the modern sense has only been around for decades although humans (and animals!) have been using sunlight, which contains all of the colors of the spectrum, for healing purposes for thousands of years. Several of its applications are now commonly being used by North American and European physicians and in hospitals and healing practices (see below).

It’s easy to learn how to balance these energies for ourselves:

First pay attention to which colors you’re attracted to right now.


You can simply notice colors in your surroundings that are jumping out at you, or for an instant analysis,
Look at the various paintings on this website and see if there is one or more particular color you’re drawn to.

Then read the color descriptions and learn how you can bring more of that particular color into your life.
It can be as simple as looking at colored objects (like paintings) or wearing clothing in the color that corresponds to the energy that needs to be increased, or even consuming certain foods which contain that color.

Download Free Art ScreenSavers from this website in your favorite healing colors.

By using color in this way, we can bring ourselves back into balance and bring peace, abundance & health into our lives.


Information presented below is compiled from numerous sources and books written by modern scientists, biophysicists and medical doctors, as well as from Leanne’s extensive background in Eastern medicine & the 5 elements system (which correlates emotions with physical organ systems both of which correspond to specific colors).
Additional empirical health research supports the information from these systems and is taken from Dinshah Ghadiali’s research & Spectro-chrome system. Ghadiali’s research was continued by Dr. Kate Baldwin in her 37 year medical practice after training with Ghadiali’s color healing methods & becoming convinced of the benefits of colored light for healing illness.

During Leanne’s talks on this subject, she presents much more information than is shown on this web page.




Why is Some Original Artwork Healing?


‘Dr. Yvonne Clearwater, senior research psychologist at NASA Ames Research Center has conducted several studies about the healing effects of original artwork & offers these guidelines:

– Landscapes or abstracted landscape-like images are preferred
– Views with greater sense of depth or perspective are preferred over close-up views
– The biological relevance of water is clear (so artwork that resembles water is very healing)
– Scenes with animals, buildings or people are less appropriate for healing purposes’

– Source: ‘The Power of Color’, Marberry & Zagon

‘I’ve never been fond of abstract art until I saw Leanne’s work. Her abstracts often feel like landscape images suggesting views of land and water. The numerous layers in her paintings give a great sense of depth, expansiveness and openness, creating an effect that draws viewers into the painting. I’ve now proudly added a second piece by her to my art collection.’
– Dr. Michael Glasscock, III, M.D., F.A.C.S., Austin, TX

Original Artwork has ‘stress reducing’ effects:

–   Heart-rate recordings and questionnaires showed that stress in a dental clinic was appreciably lower on days when a large mural was hung at the back of a waiting room.
–   In another study, ceiling mounted pictures shown to highly-stressed pre-surgical patients on gurneys, resulted in lower blood pressure (Ross, 1990).
–   It has become increasingly common to use artwork to distract patients from their pain or stress.

Oscar ‘Gonzalez’s wife died of cancer when she was 45 and he says his new paintings (by Venier) lift his spirits. He wants the same for others, especially those who suffer from painful or stressful conditions. “Imagine this vivid, mesmerizing art in a chemotherapy clinic,” he said. “Treatments are long, stressful and people need to find a way to relax. My wife would have loved the paintings.”’
–  San Antonio Magazine quoting Oscar Gonzalez, Medical Research Coordinator,


Why do We Need or Feel Drawn to Certain Colors More Than Others?


– As living entities, we are made up of atoms & molecules which make up the various organs and systems in our bodies, each with its own chemical composition and corresponding healthy frequency.  (Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp)
– If certain organ systems get out of balance, they need specific color frequencies to get them back into balance.
– When there is illness, an organ’s frequency or strength will change. When certain color frequencies are shone on or around the body or absorbed through the eyes, these organs can absorb the energy they need to come back into balance.
Certain colors also affect our different emotional states

How are Individual Colors Like Individual Vitamins?

Say you take a multi-vitamin every day, but one day you start to feel like you’re coming down with a cold. Does that mean you take 2 or 3 multivitamins? No… to work directly on the cold, you’ll take an additional higher dose of Vitamin C.

It’s similar with Color Therapy:
Why take an extra dose of all the colors (white light) when you only need one specific color frequency which, by itself at a higher dosage, will work faster to bring you back into balance?

A Few Examples of Color Therapy in Modern Medicine:

–         Full-spectrum light boxes and now much smaller blue light devices, are used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression caused by lack of sunlight in winter months or cloudy climates. Full spectrum & blue light therapies increase serotonin levels in the brain and melatonin levels in the body.

–         Bright-light and now blue light therapy has been used to treat certain forms of carbohydrate-craving obesity that affect many people, especially those who put on weight during the light-poor winter months.

–         The FDA approved phototherapy device called the Lumatron, developed by Dr. John Downing, is being used for therapeutic application of specific colors & frequencies of light to the body.

–         Intense BLUE light is regularly used in hospitals to treat newborns with jaundice.

–         Red light has successfully been used to stimulate regeneration of skin & blood cells in areas exposed to the red rays.

–         Since different cellular structures in the body absorb various colors of light differently, doctors have been able to develop very color-specific lasers for different treatment applications. For example:

–         Green-argon lasers are often used for delicate diabetic eye surgery because the green light tends to affect only blood vessels leaving other sensitive portions of the eye undamaged;

–         There are a number of anticancer therapies that use specific frequencies of either coherent laser light or normal incoherent light to activate the cancer-killing properties of certain types of medicines;

–         Colored laser light is used in heart revascularization.

–         A photosensitizing agent known as Levulan used in conjunction with blue light therapy has been found to be effective in healing a form of sun-related skin damage said to be a precursor to skin cancer.

–         A specific frequency of Ultraviolet rays, UVA-1 is used to treat diseases such as lupus (SLE) (an autoimmune disease)


Healing Properties of Specific Color Frequencies 

(this page includes only a brief summary – for more detail, please visit Leanne’s exhibitions): 

, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Magenta, White
(Scroll down)


RED – Fire Element (Heart/Sm Intestine), 1st Chakra

Red is the element of fire. It stimulates and excites the nerves and blood, releases adrenalin, activates the circulation of the blood and vitalizes the physical body.  Red helps overcome tiredness and inertia, as well as chronic chills or colds. It stimulates will-power and courage.  Wounds can heal faster if you surround yourself with red while healing. It can help get rid of headaches (try putting a red towel over your eyes). Too much red can raise blood pressure, however, so everything in moderation.

Why do all Fast Food Restaurants use RED and YELLOW in their logos? Read on:

Bring more Red into your life if you would like to have more:

Energy, vitality
Courage, self-confidence
Independence, initiative
Will power
Joyfulness & laughter
Abundance in your life

and if you’d like to be more:
spontaneous, extroverted, active
honest, humanistic
positive & optimistic
enthusiastic, passionate
open, warm & loving in your relationships
able to express yourself

RED May help:

Stimulate the sensory nervous system (including sense of smell & taste)
Stimulate the liver to aid in digestion of fats & toxins, help regenerate liver function
Increase red blood cell production
Increase peripheral blood circulation
Stimulate sympathetic nervous system (adrenaline fight or flight response)
Contraindicated for those with: asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease or epilepsy

In a Fast Food place, RED will ensure that customers:
– come and go quickly with a positive feeling from their visit
– have an increased sense of smell and taste, so all that junk food will taste better

– have help digesting all the fat, toxins and chemicals they’ve just ingested! 

How to have more RED energy:

Meditate on color red
Look at red in paintings or a red wall
Wear red clothing (Ex. if you need to have a lot of energy or self-confidence/courage that day wear a red shirt. If you have cold feet, wear red socks.)
Consume Red Foods: cranberry juice, red apples, cranberries, beets, red juice, red berries, black cherries, red peppers, bitter flavor (5 elements)

ORANGE – Lungs, Pancreas & Spleen, 2nd Chakra 

Orange strengthens the lungs, pancreas and spleen.  It warms the emotions and creates a feeling of well-being.  Orange is a stimulating, warming colour and can be used for lack of vitality, as well as muscle spasms or cramps.  Use it for asthma and bronchitis, as well as during colon cleansing.  Orange can also help boost the appetite.

Bring more ORANGE into your life if you would like to be more
Childlike & playful

And if you would like to have more:
Appetite for life

ORANGE May help:

Stimulate regeneration of lung tissue
Stimulate respiratory system
Inhibit parathyroid gland
Boost the immune system
Alleviate painful arthritic joints
Act as an antispasmodic
Decrease kidney stones & gallstones
Eliminate cysts
Eliminate blood clots from the body
Help with menstrual disorders

How to have more ORANGE energy

Meditate on color orange
Look at orange in paintings or an orange wall
Wear orange clothing
Consume Orange Foods: Oranges & Orange Juice, Carrots & carrot Juice, Mangoes, Tangerines, Peaches, Cantaloupe, Butternut Squash, Apricots, Pumpkins, Orange Peppers, Cheddar cheese

Earth Element (Spleen/Stomach) & Solar Plexus area, 3rd Chakra

Yellow is a positive colour which acts on the nervous system.  It stimulates the intellect and so is good for school rooms, studies and anywhere where good conversation is desirable.  Our spirits are raised by looking at yellow and orange, as they most resemble golden sunshine which our bodies crave.  Yellow helps the liver with elimination and purifies the intestines.  It’s good for skin too.  Yellow can be used for nervous exhaustion, for depression, indigestion, skin problems, liver problems and constipation. 

Why do all Fast Food Restaurants use YELLOW and RED in their logos?
Read on:

Bring more yellow into your life if you would like to have

contentment, fulfillment & satisfaction
Balance in your eating habits & digestion
Mental sharpness, better memory & ability to absorb information
Interest & curiosity, awareness, wisdom
Self esteem
Less overthinking & pensiveness

And if you would like to be more:

Empathetic, caring, patient, friendly, altruistic
balanced, well-grounded, stable, reliable, predictable, practical
secure within yourself
open to others’ ideas & desires
Tranquil & calm
able to give others space to be who they are
able to nourish yourself appropriately

YELLOW May help:

Stimulate higher intellectual functioning
Stimulate the Motor nervous system (neuromuscular system)
Help regenerate damaged nerves in both the sensory & motor nervous systems
Stimulate the lymphatic system & intestinal tract
Cleanse & heal the skin
Heal broken bones
Stimulate the repair of damaged cells

In a Fast Food place, YELLOW will ensure that Customers:
– have a cheery positive visit and will want to come back again
– have a stimulated appetite so they’ll eat more

How to have more YELLOW energy:

Meditate on color Yellow
Look at yellow in paintings or a yellow wall
Wear yellow clothing
Consume Yellow Foods:  Bananas, Pineapples, Yellow cheeses, Yellow Peppers, Sweet corn, Golden plums, Parsnips, Lemons, Grapefruit, Honeydew melons, Butter, Egg Yolks

Wood Element (Liver/Gall Bl.) & Heart area, 4th Chakra

Green Instinctively we know that the green we find in nature will calm us and leave us feeling peaceful and harmonious.  Green in springtime brings a feeling of renewal, of new life, freshness and brightness. It has a calming effect on blood pressure and the heart, and can also alleviate headaches and flu. Too much green can leave you too relaxed, however.


Bring more Green into your life if you would like to have:
A sense of being ok with the world
Acceptance of oneself
Greater benevolence
Love, forgiveness, & compassion
Sense of renewal & harmony
Balance in your whole being
A clearer sense of direction in your life
Reduced anger & depression through greater compassion

and if you would like to be more:

Sympathetic, compassionate
Generous, humble
Nature loving
Romantic, loving 

Green may help:

Heal the heart and lungs
Balance body mind & spirit
Relieve toxicity related to liver, kidney and colon diseases
Relax muscles, nerves & thoughts
Breaks things down in the body & detoxify

How to have more GREEN energy:

Meditate on color Green
Look at Green in paintings or a Green wall
Wear Green clothing
Consume Green Foods:  Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Green Apples, Green Beans, Peas, Lentils, Kiwi fruit, Watercress, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Green Peppers, Green leafy vegetables

TEAL/TURQUOISE – Thymus/Midchest area

Teal/Turquoise is a combination of Blue & Green & therefore carries attributes of both colors

Bring more Teal into your life if you would like to:
Balance anger with love & compassion
Balance fear with self-expression

Teal May Help:

Rebuild & cleanse
Reduce pain & fever
Accelerate burn healing
Boost immune function (stimulates thymus gland)
Relieve infections, reduce inflammation
Act a
s a Brain depressant

How to have more TEAL energy:

Meditate on color Teal
Look at Teal in paintings or a Teal wall
Wear Teal clothing
Consume Blue, Green & Teal Foods:  Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Green Apples, Green Beans, Peas, Lentils, Kiwi fruit, Watercress, Green Peppers, Green leafy vegetables,  Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, bilberries, Kale

This energy center of the Midchest/Thymus is believed to be enlarging & becoming more significant as humans proceed along the evolutionary curve of psychospiritual development.

BLUE – Water element (Kidney/Bladder) & Throat area, 5th Chakra

Blue The opposite of red.  While red expands and stimulates, blue contracts and restricts.  It slows things down so that it can combat infectious diseases where there is a rise in temperature.  Blue is antiseptic, cooling and astringent.  Psychologically, blue can bring peace of mind, particularly after excessive mental stress. Too much blue, however, can give you ‘the blues’, in which case it needs to be balanced with some red. Blue can be helpful with throat troubles, fevers and children’s ailments such as mumps and measles, inflammation, spasms, stings, itching and headaches.  Also use it for shock and insomnia. 

Why are so many Uniforms BLUE? (military, airline, police, hospital scrubs?)
Read on:

Bring more Blue into your life if you would like to be more:

Calm, Reserved
Trustful, Loyal
Observant, Tactful
Able to express yourself & your inner truth & use your words more effectively
Affectionate, Caring
Inspiring, Inventive, Creative
Organized, able to plan effectively
Decisive, Cautious

And if you would like to have:

Greater wisdom & clarity
Better communication & speech
The Will power to follow your destiny & true path in life
Less fear through creative self expression

BLUE May Help:

Calm & cool the body
Have a pacifying effect on the nervous system
Lower blood pressure
Bring relaxation, help us sleep, relieve insomnia
Help calm hyperactive children
Reduce fevers, Treat burns, Relieve itching
Treat fear, palpitations, tension
Treats laryngitis, sore throats
Relieve jaundice (Intense Blue light has been used for years in mainstream medicine for newborn infants who are jaundiced)

BLUE is used in so many Uniforms (military, police, airline, hospital scrubs) because this color:
– is associated with steadfastness, dependability and loyalty
– has a calming effect on those around it as well as the person wearing it

How to have more BLUE energy:

Meditate on color Blue
Look at Blue paintings or a Blue wall
Wear Blue clothing
Consume Blue Foods:  Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, blackberries, bilberries

INDIGO – 3rd Eye/Forehead area, 6th Chakra

Indigo is a combination of Violet & Red & therefore carries attributes of both colors

Bring more Indigo into your life if you would like to be more:
Connected to your unconscious self
Psychic, Intuitive
Wise, a truth seeker

And if you would like to have:
Greater dream activity
Greater intuition
Greater understanding
Greater imagination
The experience of being part of the whole universe
Greater love, extending beyond human & encompassing all life as precious manifestations of God or universal energy

INDIGO May Help:

Increase white blood cell production
Stimulate parathyroid glands
Inhibit overactive thyroid gland
Have mild sedative qualities
Be helpful in closed head injuries
Reduce brain swelling
Stimulate the pituitary gland
Relieve pain

How to have more INDIGO energy:
Meditate on color Indigo
Look at Indigo in paintings or an Indigo wall
Wear Indigo clothing
Consume Violet & Blue Foods:  Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, bilberries, Purple grapes & grape juice, plums, purple broccoli, eggplant, Blueberries, blue plums, grapes, bilberries

VIOLET – Crown of Head area, 7th Chakra

Violet has a soothing and tranquillizing effect on frayed nerves and so is especially useful for those who are nervous and highly-strung by nature.  Violet can also be used to help develop the spiritual, intuitive faculty and can be used before and during meditation, perhaps by visualising or concentrating on a violet colour cloth.  Violet can be used for all mental and nervous disease, as well as for rheumatism, concussion and kidney and bladder diseases.

Bring more Violet into your life if you would like to be more:
More artistic
Humanitarian & kind
Mentally strong
Connected to your spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom & inner strength

And if you would like to have:
Pure thoughts & feelings
Inspiration for all undertakings,
Enhanced talent & creativity
Integration of your spiritual & physical makeup 

VIOLET May Help:
Shrink enlarged lymph nodes
Increase white blood cell production
Treat anxiety & depression
Relieve sciatica
Decrease muscular activity
Stimulate the spleen
Depress activity of the heart muscle

How to have more VIOLET energy:

Meditate on color Violet
Look at Violet in paintings or a Violet wall
Wear Violet clothing
Consume Violet Foods:  Purple grapes & grape juice, plums, purple broccoli, eggplant


WHITE – Metal element (Lung/Lg Intestine) & Crown of Head, 7th Chakra  

White light contains all colors of the visible spectrum & is very healing & when used in color therapy, has milder effects than some of the individual colors 

Bring more White into your life if you would like to have:
Peace & comfort when in distress

WHITE May Help:

Give you clearer skin
Clear upper respiratory symptoms & nasal congestion
Treat constipation & inflammatory bowel disease
Reduce asthma
Reduce recurring respiratory infections
Reduce allergies
Reduce pain

How to Have more White Energy (ie all the colors):
Meditate on color White
Look at White in paintings or a White wall
Wear White clothing

And most importantly…

And most importantly … Spend time in HEALING SUNLIGHT!

Yes, getting regular Sunlight is actually one of the best things you can do for your health and medical research and science now fully supports this.

Natural Sunlight gives you a full dose of all of the healing colors in an easy to access and natural way. Plus it’s FREE!

Not only do we get all of the healing colors in sunlight, we also get the benefits of normal and healthy melatonin production (a very important hormone for preventing cancer, insomnia, and countless other issues).
And by exposing ourselves to natural sunlight, we also get the BENEFICIAL RAYS OF UVA AND UVB. Yes, they really ARE beneficial!

UVB is directly responsible for Vitamin D production) in our bodies (Vitamin D is another extremely important hormone needed not only for healthy bones, but for preventing and treating cancer and countless other illnesses.
UVA has also now been proven to significantly lower blood pressure in less than 20 minutes of exposure (see below for the latest research on this – January 2014).

Also see below for an excellent article with the best compilation of all of the science and medical based reasons why you really DO need Sunlight.


Getting a regular dose of SUNSHINE:

– reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and numerous other illnesses and imbalances.
– can actually heal a number of illnesses by restoring proper vitamin D levels and melatonin levels
– is very safe and a much needed part of any health program … as long as you do not get a sunburn


It is now known that all the hype and fear about sunlight exposure for the past 30 years has been grossly exaggerated and the avoidance of sunlight has actually doing people’s health far more harm than good.


If you get regular sunshine and DO NOT GET A SUNBURN your chances of getting skin cancer are extremely minimal. And since the types of cancer that you are more likely to get if you don’t get regular sunshine are FAR MORE DEADLY than skin cancer (skin cancer has extremely high survival rates), you are actually doing yourself far more harm than good by avoiding the sun.

BY AVOIDING THE SUN – YOU ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO GET ONE OF SEVERAL TYPES OF VERY DEADLY CANCER, THAN YOU ARE TO AVOID SKIN CANCER. This has been scientifically proven numerous times. It’s finally time to reverse the misconceptions that people have been led to believe about the sun.

Vitamin D is formed in our skin and bodies when we get natural sunlight exposure with NO SUNSCREEN. (I always recommend wearing an all-natural, mineral based sunscreen on your face and back of your hands since these are the areas most vulnerable to photo-aging and contribute little actual surface area for vitamin D production.


The Importance of Using Natural Sunscreen – but only AFTER you’ve gotten your sun exposure without any sunscreen
Most sunscreens on the market, contain highly toxic chemicals, many of which become even more toxic when exposed to sunlight. These are absorbed into your blood stream directly through your skin. So you may think you’re helping yourself by slathering these toxic substances on yourself and your children, but they have actually been shown repeatedly to be carcinogenic.


If you have to be in the sun longer than the recommended amount of time needed for Vitamin D production and proper melatonin cycles, then it’s best to cover up with clothing and a hat and/or stay in the shade. If you must be in full sun for some reason, then be sure to wear a natural sunscreen without any of the toxic chemicals. These natural sunscreens use the safe minerals Titanium Dioxide and Zinc oxide to create a relective barrier so the UV rays cannot penetrate.

(There is a free app for Android and Iphone which will tell you the danger scale of any of your cosmetics products including most of the big name sunscreen brands and products.

Created by the nation’s most effective environmental health non-profit organization, EWG (Environmental Working Group)
Visit your Android or iPhone app store to download it and then check the toxicity levels of your current sunscreen.

The amount of sunlight each individual needs depends entirely on their skin and their ability to tan. People with fair skin need far less sun exposure than someone with dark skin to produce the same amount of VItamin D (an extremely important hormone for health that our bodies produce naturally when exposed to sunlight).
The most up to date rule of thumb for proper Vitamin D production: stay in the sun with at least 60-70% of your skin exposed. When your skin starts turning a very slight pink, you’re done. This amount of time will vary from 3 minutes for very pale skinned people to over an hour for very dark skinned individuals. REad the article below to understand the reasons for this:

Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

This is the best compliation I’ve come across so far with of all of the REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD get sunlight and the BEST WAYS TO DO IT SAFELY:

The most recent study on why UVA is also good for you – it lowers blood pressure and can prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular disease:


So…Have you had your
Color and Sunlight Supplement Today? 🙂

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