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All of the products in the LeanneVenierGallery Signature Series Healing Colors Store are Premium Quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Here are a few examples of the Leanne Venier Healing Colors Products. Click any of them to see the full range of products in the LeanneVenierGallery store.

Mug_travel_stainless_-_Teal_-_Evolution_of_ConsciousnessIphone_case_-_Immortal_Evanescence_BlueSpectral Depths MugPillow - RED - Passions FlurryDesigner 2 sided Pillow, Side B, Vibrant RED "Traveling in Time"Teal mousepadIpad case - red,orange,yellow,green-vertical landscapeIpad case - Teal vertical white stripeLuminousTranquilityGicleeTriptych2_sided_macbook_air_sleeve_energy_red_calming_blue_ipad_sleeve-rb45ded25e5304c7a99a9ffe6242f6db0_2kccb_8byvr_210Computer padded case - 2 sided - RED, BLUE - Immortal Evanescence and Traveling in Timehealing_colors_functional_art_2_different_sides_pillow-r64dd6a2bccb94d56902e35d155f0ad18_2zbjl_8byvr_210healing_colors_notebook_journal_guestbook_large-r42409b8781c545149bd76f5927e4ad88_ambg4_8byvr_210Pillow - Tealpostcard_or_note_card_in_energizing_red-r18d3548f7a0048c2b18bd22f935fe636_vgbaq_8byvr_512

How Does it Work & in Which Countries?

Zazzle is the website where the LeanneVenierGallery store is hosted. It has a separate online product fulfilment center in every country.

The LeanneVenierGallery Store is enrolled in the Zazzle Associates Referral program so we share part of our profits directly with you whenever you help us promote our Color & Art Therapy Healing Products.

And you help your friends and family members by sharing our products with them. 
It’s a win-win-win!

How Much Can I Earn?

Because our store is enrolled in their Associates Referral program, Zazzle pays you a minimum 15% referral fee (up to 32%) for each sale that you refer to the LeanneVenierGallery store from your social media sites, website, blog, email, or any offline marketing.

The more sales you refer to our store, the more you make with the referral volume bonuses:

Associates Volume Bonus Levels:
Monthly Base Sales $0.00 – 99.99 = 15% Seller incentive Referral +Volume Bonus
Monthly Base Sales $100.00 – 999.99 = 22% etc…
Monthly Base Sales $1,000.00 – 4,999.99 = 27% etc…
Monthly Base Sales $5,000.00 and above = 32% etc…
(calculated monthly)


International Sales

With just one Associates ID, you can earn money from sales in any country, no matter where in the world you live!
Do you live in the US but have friends in the US, UK, Spain and Italy? You can earn commissions from ALL of those sales when your friends buy LeanneVenierGallery Healing Colors products from any of their respective countries.

Live in Spain but have more friends in the US and France? Earn commissions from all of those sales as well.


How do I get started and be done in 5 minutes so I can immediately start earning $ ?

  1. First bookmark this page, you will need to return here after you are done at Zazzle.
  2. Go to to create an account with 2 simple steps:
  3. At the top of the page, Click on SELL, then Click on ASSOCIATES and follow the simple instructions to create your account and get your Associates ID.
  4. When you go to the My Account area on the ASSOCIATES tab at the top of the page you will see “Your Associate ID is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”
  5. …copy this number.

You’re ready to get started!
The Leanne Venier Gallery is directly linked with the Zazzle Associates program, so anything that you sell from the LeanneVenierGallery products pays you a 15-32% commission!

You have two choices for helping your friends find the LeanneVenierGallery Healing Colors Art Therapy Products and begin earning big commissions:

  1. You can link directly to the entire LeanneVenierGallery store in any comments in your social media or blog and let people view all the products on the store at one time, using this URL: (make sure to replace the 18-digit Associate ID after the rf= with yours!)  When anyone clicks on this link, anything that they buy from the LeanneVenierGallery store during this visit (or up to 45 days after this visit) will earn you a 15% commission.
  2. You can link to any Individual Product so that product image and description will also show up wherever you post it with your Associates ID embedded right in the code (see below for simple instructions to promote any individual product). When anyone who clicks on this link buys this product, or any other product they see in the LeanneVenierGallery store (during this visit, or up to 45 days after this visit), you’ll earn a 15% sales commission!

It’s that easy!

Remember, the more they shop, the more you earn, so put LeanneVenierGallery links everywhere on your digital spaces!

You can easily link to Individual Products in the LeanneVenierGallery store. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Zazzle account.
  2. Go to:*
  3. Choose any item in the LeanneVenierGallery store that you would like to promote and earn commissions from.
  4. Select the image and the specific product options you would like to promote (ex. if you’d like to promote one of Leanne’s mugs, simply click on that mug and choose the mug style you’d like to promote so that image is now showing on your screen)
  5. On the far left side of this product page, to the left of the main product image, you’ll see a vertical column of Icons, including a Direct Email Icon link, various Social Media Icons (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) and an infinity-shaped Hyperlink Icon. There are also Tumbler and Google+ links under the dotdotdot Icon at the bottom
  6. Use any of those Button Links to promote that Individual Product. Examples:
    1. If you would like to promote the LeanneVenierGallery product that is showing on your computer screen on Pinterest, click on the Pinterest Icon to the left of the main product image and it will bring up a window that is directly linked with your Pinterest account (it may ask you to log into your Pinterest account so that the two services are linked).Simply click on your preferred Pinterest board in the popup window where you would like to post the product, and click the PinIt! Button. Your Affiliate ID will be embedded right in the image and hyperlink that posts to your Pinterest board. It’s that Easy!
    2. Example 2: If you would like to promote the same product on your blog or website, simply click the Hyperlink Infinity sign Icon at the bottom of the vertical column of links to the left of the main product image.When you click on the Hyperlink Icon, a popup window will appear with 3 different links. Copy and paste any of these links directly on your Blog’s content page (the first box contains a straight hyperlink and works in most cases. If you need html, that option is there as well).Once again, your Affiliate Code is already embedded in the image and hyperlink so anyone seeing that information on your site, clicking on that product and placing an order, will earn you an instant minimum 15% commission.

See below for some specific Healing Colors Product examples with links already created for you.


  1. How do I know how much money I’m making?

    You will be able to track all your sales from your Zazzle account. Zazzle will issue you a check when you reach your payout threshold (the starting threshold is $50). You can even have it deposited in your PayPal account if you wish.

  2. How much can I earn every week?

    That’s totally up to you but you can easily make between $500-$1000/week promoting the LeanneVenierGallery Healing Colors products. The products sell themselves once people see them – all you have to do is post and share them. You can even comment on what you like about the products, or simply post them as is.

    Your commissions start at an incredible rate of 15% and they go up from there when you sell in greater volume (see breakdown above).

    For example, if you sell a low cost product like a mug costing around $23, you’ll earn a minimum of $3.59 on every one of those that you sell. But if you sell a higher cost item, like the cell phone cases, pillows and even the Giclee prints, you can easily make over $150 in commissions on one item alone.

    It depends on which products people buy and how many people buy them.

    The more you promote the LeanneVenierGallery store and its Healing products on your social media sites and/or blog/website, the more traffic you will drive to*with your unique associate ID.

    The more traffic you drive to Leanne’s online Gallery, the more sales you’ll make and the greater your commissions will be.

  3. How long does my referral cookie last?

    Any customer that comes to Zazzle within 45 days of clicking your referral link will have the sale attributed to you. That’s an incredible length of time for a cookie to last.


Thank you for your interest in the LeanneVenierGallery Affiliate program. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to email us via the CONTACT LINK.


Here are some popular products from the LeanneVenierGallery store so you can get started right away.

Simply replace the numbers after the   rf=   with your own affiliate code and post them wherever you’d like:


Ipad Air Case with Leanne’s Healing Blue Painting, “Immortal Evanescence”

Retail price is $103.
Your minimum commission at 15% = $15.45 for every one of these that you sell:

Use this link and change the the numbers at the very end after rf= to your own affiliate rf number:

Immortal Ev ipad air case

Healing Colors Mug with Leanne’s Teal Painting, “Evolution of Consciousness”

Retail price: $23.95
Your Minimum commission at 15% = $3.59 for every one of these that you sell:

Use this link and change the the numbers at the very end after rf= to your own affiliate rf number:

Mug - Teal - Evolution of Consciousness, flowy part

iPhone or Android Case in Energizing Reds – with Leanne’s painting “Pulsating Luminosity”

iPhone 6/6s case retail price = $53.40
Your minimum commission at 15% = $8.01 for every case in this model you sell

Use this link and change the the numbers at the very end after rf= to your own affiliate rf number:

Phone case, Android - RED - Pulsating Luminosity


Healing Colors Double sided pillow with Leanne’s Paintings, “Passion’s Flurry” and  “Traveling in Time” on either side:

Retail price for the 16” x16” pillow = $43.80
Your mimimum commission at 15% = $6.57 for every pillow you sell in this size

Retail price for the 20” x 20” cotton pillow = $73.90
Your mimimum commission at 15% = $11.08 for every pillow you sell in this size

Use this link and change the the numbers at the very end after rf=  to your own affiliate rf number:

Pillow - Vibrant RED - 2 sidedPillow - RED - Passions Flurry


Healing Colors Giclee Print in Healing Blues – Leanne’s painting “Luminous Tranquility”

Retail price for the large 48” x 32” 3-panel, ¾” deep canvas Giclee print = $603.50

Your mimimum commission for this configuration at 15% = $90.52
(even higher commissions earnable for the thicker frame sizes, up to $139.26 commission per every print you sell)

Use this link and change the the numbers at the very end after rf=  to your own affiliate rf number


Have Fun picking out your favorite Leanne Venier Healing Colors Art Therapy products that you’d like to share with your friends and loved ones.
You’ll soon be receiving your regular Referral Commissions Check!

Sharing & Promoting = Helping Others Heal & Feel Better + Helping Yourself Feel Good AND Earn $