The paintings of Leanne Venier stimulate the body and soul through vivacious fields of colorful abstraction, utilizing the spectrum of light frequencies to create calm, clear minds and to physically heal the body. Leanne’s visual therapy utilizes color energy as a method to inspire positive emotions, in much the same way that music affects emotion through sound frequencies. Her ongoing studies in color therapy, Jungian psychology, dream analysis, and Eastern philosophies, as well as her background as a healing practitioner utilizing acupuncture and shiatsu, have allowed her to develp a deeper understanding of the role of creative energy in healthy living. Leanne’s focus on channeling healing energy through color therapy have become an intutive means of promoting emotional and physical wellbeing, as a form of compassionate interaction through artistic expression.

– Matt Anzak, Global International Curator


Leanne Venier,  jury-selected from hundreds of Texas-based artists as 1 of only 9 artists chosen to represent the Best of all Texas artists in the

BEST OF TEXAS Exhibition

December 2011

at the Premier Wisby-Smith Fine Art Gallery
Located in The Crescent, Dallas, TX
Exhibiton Dates: November 22 – December 31, 2011

(Wisby-Smith represents the works of Pablo Picasso,  Joan Miro’, Marc Chagall, Peter Max, Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dali, Mick Fleetwood, John Lennon & others)


Leanne Venier was honored to be jury selected as

Finalist in the Prestigious HUNTING ART PRIZE

May 2009

‘Most Generous Art Prize in the U.S.’ – Leanne’s artwork was chosen from several thousand entries.

$50,000 Award-winner announced at the Hunting Art Prize Gala, May 2, 2009, Houston, TX


‘Premio Speciale – Grand Prize of the Jury’

Awarded to Leanne Venier for Outstanding Artwork – Vico del Gargano, Italy, February, 2008

at Premio Internazionale D’Arte San Valentino
11th Annual International Art Exhibition – Premio San Valentino

Featuring 35 Italian & 12 International Artists
Vico del Gargano, Puglia, ITALY
February 13 – 18, 2008 

This Award had historically been (and was supposed to always be) awarded to a native Italian artist, but this year, the Jury unanimously chose Leanne Venier’s paintings to receive the award over the 35 participating Italian artists.


Featured Fine Artist of the Month, Paris

January-April, 2009
Touch Decor, International Design Magazine, published in Paris and Lebanon, 55,000 copies distributed worldwide every quarter.

Leanne was honored to be selected and personally invited by their Art Director to be their Featured Artist.

Leanne was selected from 1000’s of artists all over the world.

(Leanne had been painting for less than 2 years when this invitation was extended to her in October 2008).


Artist’s Artwork of the Month – Italy

March 2009

Trevisan International Artwork
Awarded to Leanne Venier for her painting ‘Roots’


Leanne Recognized as a Rapidly Up and Coming International Artist

Summer 2008

‘A RISING STAR’ – Article about Leanne and her rapid rise in the art world, in Austin Wide Open Magazine

“A Rising Star – Leanne Venier” – pdf – ‘Art Around Austin’


International Fine Art Exhibition – “The Spirit in Art”, Ferrara, Italy

November 2007

Leanne was personally invited by the International curator for this annual exhibition, held in Ferrara, Italy in their beautiful, historic castle.

(Leanne had been painting for just over 6 months at the time of this invitation in June 2007)

The exhibition showcased the work of 50 international artists, hand-selected from countries all over the world.


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