Would you like to feel HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, with more ENERGY, less STRESS & less PAIN …

without having to change anything in your daily routine?

Guess What – You can!

By surrounding yourself with Healing Colors and Medically-endorsed Therapeutic Art on the products you use every day. 

When you use these healing products every day in your home or office, they’ll help you get back into balance every time you use or look at them.

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Pillow - Vibrant RED - 2 sided Teal mug PhoneCase Teal mousepadIpad_case_-_redorangeyellowgreen-vertical_landscape

Each of these Deluxe Leanne Venier Signature Series Products gives you multiple benefits every time you look at them:

The BEST HEALING COLORS FOR YOU are the ones you’re naturally drawn to.

Color & Art Therapy Store – Leanne Venier Gallery

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SHOPPING TIP: When you CLICK on any of the products pictured below, it takes you to the detailed product page where you will find multiple style & size options to choose from.
Example: if you see a painting you like on a mug below, it’s also available on a variety of mug styles (not just the one pictured) – including ex-large coffee mug, travel mug, beer stein, etc. Same for the Phone & Tablet cases (which have options for all iPhone, Android & other models to choose from), Pillows, Prints, etc.

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(If there’s a brand new product you’ve seen on Leanne’s social media page and you don’t see it yet in the store feed below, just click on the GIFT COLLECTIONS above to find that product directly at Leanne’s ordering site.)

Do you have a favorite healing painting by Leanne that’s not yet in the store on the product you’d like to order? No problem!

Just Contact us and we will be happy to create the product, add it to the store and send you the direct link within a few days. (If you need it faster, just let us know and we’ll expedite the process).

By using the products that you’re naturally drawn to, they’ll help you get back into balance every time you look at or use them.

And their vibrant Healing Colors enhance the look of any home or office … so do something special for yourself today & give yourself the gift of Healing Colors – You deserve it! 🙂

Learn how to Choose your Optimal Color Therapy Colors

We’re adding new Color Therapy Healing Art products to the store all the time! Check back often for Leanne’s latest collectible Signature Series items to add to your collection.

Feel free to Contact us to request your favorite painting on any product. We’ll create it in the store and send you the link!