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Custom Commissioned Painting by Leanne Venier

Leanne Venier with her oil Painting  "The Chrysalids". Leanne custom designed this striking piece to bring in RED Dynamic Power & Energy and YELLOW Mental Clarity to support the long meetings that take place in this huge conference room. (Houston offices of EIG Global Energy Investment Partners).

Leanne's painting The Chrysalids brings up the energy in this huge conference room

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Calming Blue Abstract oil painting by Leanne Venier

This painting  "Luminous Tranquility" in calming, stress-relieving blues, took Leanne over a year to complete.

It is now available on a variety of Affordable Healing Colors Products including multi-panel Museum-quality Giclee prints.

Photo of Leanne's healing blue painting, Luminous Tranquility

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Talks about the Science of Healing Colors & Healing Art

Leanne Venier in her Austin, Texas LEANNE VENIER GALLERY where she showcases her international award-winning, healing artwork.

Leanne Venier in her Austin, Texas gallery
Photo of Leanne with her Energizing RED painting

Leanne Venier with her painting, "Into the Depths" in energizing RED.  Read more about the Healing Effects of RED.

To see Leanne's Healing Colors Products with this painting image, visit her Color Therapy Store.

Photo of Leanne Venier's healing Red painting on a Healing Colors, Color Therapy Mug

This CALMING BLUE healing painting, "Immortal Evanescence" took over 14 months to complete.
It's now available on a variety of Healing Colors Products including a full array of phone & tablet cases.


Image of Leanne's beautiful blue painting on a tablet case

This ENERGIZING RED healing painting, "Pulsating Luminosity" is available on a wide variety of beautiful Healing Art Color Therapy Products.

Photo of Leanne's healing red painting on smart phone case
Fiery red Flow State painting by International award-winning artist, Leanne Venier

Photo of Leanne Venier's healing Teal painting, Evolution of Consciousness

This painting "Evolution of Consciousness" contains HEALING TEAL, just one of the many  Color Therapy Functional Healing Art products available.
 Leanne's Color Therapy Store to Shop for products featuring her Healing Artwork like the Refillable Large Moleskin Journal below.

Photo of Leanne's brilliant teal painting on a coffee mug

Color & Art Therapy is ...

Photo of Leanne Venier's healing colors RED painting printed on a beautiful pillow

This double-sided Pillow in ENERGIZING RED is just one of the many  Color Therapy Functional Healing Art products available.
 Leanne's Color Therapy Store to Shop.


Photo of the back of Leanne Venier's healing REDS pillow with her painting Passion's Flurry
Image of Leanne and her 6 foot x4 foot Teal healing colors painting

Leanne Venier with Ageless, Boundless, Timeless, in Healing Teals, now part of a private art collection in Washington, DC.

Image of Leanne's healing teal painting on a travel mug

Corporate Installations

Hong Kong Client

Photo of Leanne's Indigo painting in Hong Kong Client's lobby

Dallas, Tx Client

Leanne Venier's 4 ft x 4 ft painting, Vanishing in Time, installed in Dallas Client's lobby

Houston, Tx Client

Leanne Venier's oil painting, Passion's Flurry, installed in Houston Client's lobby
Leanne working on a Commission for her Client
Leanne working on her Custom Commission 6 ft by 6 ft painting for Houston Client

Houston, Tx Client

Leanne Venier with her healing blue painting, Immortal Evanescence installed in Houston Client's 2nd conference room

Houston, Tx Client

Two of Leanne Venier's blue paintings hanging in main corridor of Houston Client's offices

To Purchase

Contact Leanne to enquire about Custom Commissions or to purchase one of her existing Original Paintings.

The Full Spectrum of Leanne's Healing Colors

This Section gives you a MINI-PREVIEW of some of the profound Effects that each of the SPECTRAL COLORS Elicits

Leanne's healing colors painting 'Spectral Deptsh' used as a header


Red is a high energy color that is scientifically proven to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). It's about survival. Looking at RED increases blood flow, gives you energy, makes you do everything faster (think fast food logos) and increases Sex appeal (also scientifically proven!)


Orange is also a stimulating color, but less so than red. It increases playfulness and makes you more extroverted and better able to interact with others. Orange makes you confident, happy, resourceful and enthusiastic. ORANGE is often used in logos to convey a sense of freedom and childlike playfulness, or a sense of resourcefulness & financial freedom when used in Bank logos.


Stimulates Mental energy and provides mental clarity. It also stimulates appetite and digestion (hence its use in most fasts food logos (along with RED which makes you do everything more quickly)).


Green is neither stimulating (like RED, ORANGE & YELLOW) nor Sedating (like BLUE, INDIGO & VIOLET). It is a neutral energy color & therefore perfect for balancing. It's good for balanced judgement and providing clarity about your direction in life. It gives you greater acceptance of yourself and compassion for others.


Blue is a calming, sedating color and has been scientifically proven to stimulate the para-symapthetic nervous system (opposite of RED). Looking at BLUE lowers blood pressure & calms you down. BLUE conveys a sense of trust, confidence & loyalty (that's why the president always wears a blue suit and blue tie, and why most major corporations & airlines have blue logos (HP, Amex, JetBlue, etc)).


Indigo is also a sedating color like blue and is the color of the 3rd eye. INDIGO helps you tap into your intuition and imagination.


Violet is the most sedating color and also the most Visionary and Spiritual one. It allows you to tap into expanded states of consciousness and see things from a much broader perspective.


Magenta is another neutral energy color, like GREEN. It balances emotions & keeps you calm during emotional upsets. It allows you to be more introspective.


White is a combination of all the colors of light that are found within the visible light spectrum. All colors in sunlight (think rainbow) combine to create white light. As such, WHITE contains healing aspects of all the spectral colors.

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